Highest Quality Roofing Installation Award: St. Louis Park Commercial Roofing Project

Highest quality roofing installation

After we finish a commercial roofing job, the manufacturer who sells the roofing materials we installed will come by the job location, get up on the roof, and inspect the quality of our work. Since the manufacturer’s roofing materials come with a long and trustworthy guarantee, the manufacturer wants to see if the roofing contractor installed their material correctly.
For a St. Louis Park commercial roofing project, we used GAF’s roofing materials. Once we finished up, GAF came by to complete their own inspection of our workmanship. A few days later, they sent us this:

GAF gave our Grussing Roofing team a double thumbs up! This certificate is only presented to roofing contractors who demonstrate the highest quality roof installation.

Whether we're doing commercial or residential roofing projects, we're committed to giving our customers the very best!