Roofing Inspection: Is It Time To Replace My Roof?

Common roofing inspection questions

When Minnesota folks contact us at Grussing Roofing for a free estimate, the most common question we hear is: Will you take a look at my roof? We’re not sure, but it might be time for my roof to be replaced.

To ensure the greater Twin Cities community receives the best professional and honest roofing advice possible, Guy Grussing, the owner of Grussing Roofing, will personally come to your home, climb up on your roof, and take a look around.

Have you ever wondered what a roofing contractor is looking for as they inspect the roof? Here, Guy will show you! To give you an idea, we persuaded Guy to take a short video of a free roof inspection he did a couple weeks ago.

Take a look!

Here are 5 signs that mean it may be time to replace your roof

  1. Marks or indents in the shingles from removing the snow and ice off your roof with a shovel. Often, when home owners remove the snow and ice themselves, this can leave marks and add to the aging of your roof.

  2. Granules from the shingles are falling off

  3. Darkening of the shingles

  4. Nails popping through the shingles

  5. Stress fractures and cracks in the shingles. Stress fractures are caused by previous contractors using too aggressive of a shingle adhesive. When the house moves, the shingle isn’t able to adjust with the house, so this can lead to the shingles to cracking.

Considering this roof's age and the wear and tare it's taken over the years, the best use for this homeowner's money is to get their full roof replaced. There's no use in repairing or patching up certain areas of this roof because enough of it is already in pretty tough shape.

If you want us to come and take a look at your roof, give us a call today.