What Kind of Roofing Material Should You Choose When Replacing Your Roof?

What roofing material should you choose? 

Your home is one of the biggest investments you have. So when you are looking to replace your roof, it’s extremely important you choose quality-roofing materials. If you’re looking to save a few dollars on cheaper shingles, our best advice is: don’t do it. It won’t be worth it in the long run, promise.

As a baseline, we always recommend that folks choose an architectural roofing shingle. These shingles are moderately priced and typically last 20+ years. Architectural roofing shingles are made with copper granules, which mean they hold up well against algae and prevent streaking. Also, an architectural roofing shingle is a champ when it comes to holding up against hail and high winds.

Depending on the style of your house, there are countless types of high-quality shingles for you to choose from. From heavier weighted shingles to designer shingles—you’ll have plenty of options to achieve the desired look for your roof.

No matter what type of shingle you end up choosing, our team here at Grussing Roofing only works with the highest quality of manufacturers. We partner with reputable companies who are proud of their product and will faithfully stand behind it no matter what.

If you have roofing questions or are interested scheduling a free estimate to determine the cost for your next project, go ahead and give us a call!

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