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Quick Tips For How To Keep Your Home Safe While You're On Vacation

Summer time is for getting out of town and taking the family on a vacation! Don’t let the safety of your house while you’re away keep you tied down. Protecting your home while your away isn’t too hard, it just takes a bit of planning ahead. Here are a few tips to get you started and off on your way. 

Turn off the main water supply

What are the chances that something will happen to your water main when you’re away? Probably not that high, but it does happen to people. Take five minutes and go turn off your main water supply to avoid any disastrous leaks or water damage to your house. Best to be safe and just turn it off. 

Hold my mail, please

To keep your mail from piling up in the mailbox while your gone, simply contact the United States Postal Service and put your mail on hold. The USPS will hold your mail for three to 30 days. For most locations, all you need to do is go online, enter your travel dates, and submit a stop mail request. Often they will even deliver the bundle to you when you return. How simple! 

Turn up the thermostat, but don’t turn off the AC unit

Before you leave, set the AC temperature in the house to 83 or 85 degrees, just in case the weather gets overly hot while your away.

Unplug all unneeded electronics 

Just in case a power surge happens while you’re away, it’s best to just unplug televisions, computers, gaming systems, stereos, or other electronics. Plus, since no one will be home to be using those electronics, there’s no need to have them plugged in, drawing power. Easy way to save on your electricity bill while you’re out of town.

Light rooms with timers

It’s not a bad idea to try to make your house look like someone is still staying there while you’re away. The simplest way to do this is to put timers on lamps in a few different rooms in the house. The timers will turn lights on and off at different times during the evening. You can pick up a few light timers for about $10 a piece. 

Ask a neighbor to keep an eye out

You’ve stopped your mail and your newspaper, you have your lights set on timers, now what? How about walking over to the neighbor’s house to ask if they would mind keeping an eye on the place while you’re gone. If they see any fliers left on your doorknob, will they take them down? While they’re there, maybe they could water your tomato plants, too. Never hurts to ask!