How To Get Rid of Ice Dams On Your Roof

How To Get Rid of Ice Dams On Your Roof

The weather these past few Minnesota winters have lent themselves nicely to creating ice dams on homes and commercial buildings alike. All the melting, freezing, melting, re-freezing can really do a number on your roof’s shingles if your house’s insulation is poor.

So How Do Ice Dams Form Anyway?

When there’s a layer of snow sitting on your roof an ice dam is formed when the attic warms up enough to melt the first layer of snow on your roof. 

Drip by drip, the water will trickle down between the layer of snow and shingles until it hits the end of your roof. The edge of your roof stays cold because it extends beyond the attic—thus isn’t being warmed from underneath. There you have the gradual forming of nice mound of ice we call an ice dam...

3 Ways To Keep Squirrels and Small Rodents Out of Your Home

3 Ways To Keep Squirrels and Small Rodents Out of Your Home

How to keep your house free of critters

As the season continues to bring cooler weather, outdoor critters think it’s the perfect time to make their way indoors — right into your home. And this is never fun for any homeowner.

If creepy critters are becoming a problem in your home, here are a couple of places to check to see if it’s how these unwanted guests are finding their way inside.

Fall Jobs Around The Home You Might Have Forgotten

dare to explore behind the fridge

It’s never a fun job to begin with, but it’s certainly important. Pull the refrigerator away from the wall and vacuum all the coils. Use a broom with a long handle to dust off those bottom coils. 

Deep clean your fridge 

Since you are showing the outside of the fridge some love, why not give the inside a little makeover, too? Right@home gives the most thorough and detailed instructions for how to easily deep clean your fridge and freezer. Go here for info and start defrosting.

Attack grimy blinds

Start by mixing 1 part water and 1 part vinegar in a bowl as suggested by right@home. Find an old, unwanted sock, slip it on your hand, dip into the vinegar mix, and then! Attack those dusty, dirty blinds! We suggest having the vacuum handy to swallow up all those extra dust bunnies that may be floating in the air.

Drain your water heater 

Before it gets cold, go ahead and drain your water heater to remove any sediment buildup that might have started in the holding tank. This article suggests that doing this simple task can improve your water heater’s efficiency by 50 percent.

Inspect your roof 

All these little projects for the inside of your home. What about the outside?

To inspect the health of your roof, carefully climb up on your roof and have a look around. Do you see any worn shingles or spots that might be deteriorating. If you see anything that concerns you, don’t hesitate to give Guy a call to come take a look.

Options For Financing Your Home Improvement Project

Options For Financing Your Home Improvement Project

You know it’s time to get a new roof, new siding, or new windows. But there is one major thing holding you back. Money.

But how will I pay for this home repair?

We get it. 

As a family-owned and run roofing company we understand how intimidating it can feel to say yes to a major home repair with a substantial price tag.

How To Get Rid of Carpenter Ants In Your Home

How To Get Rid of Carpenter Ants In Your Home

What to do when you find carpenter ants

Are you finding carpenter ants crawling around in or outside your home? Besides from being gross and slightly frightening, these large ants are telling you something very important about the health of your roof. 

When you spot carpenter ants lurking around your home there's a good chance your sheeting or siding is getting wet and retaining water. Carpenter ants love to live where it's dark and moist...

Celebrating 40 Years As A BBB Accredited Roofing Business

Trusted Twin Cities roofing contractor

This month we are excited to get this certificate from Better Business Bureau celebrating our 40 years as a accredited business through BBB. 

We love a good certificate, but more importantly, we love what we do. And we love who we do it for—you. We take great pride in helping hardworking homeowners and commerical businesses receive professional roofing services.

If you've worked with us before, we'd greatly appreciate you giving us a review either on our Google+ Business page or on BBB. That will keep us moving towards another 40 years of roof contracting in the greater Twin Cities area.

Thanks again for all your support. 

What We Look For During A Roofing Inspection

Looking for leaks, buckles, and workmanship

When you give Grussing Roofing a call and ask us to come out to give your roof, sidding, gutters, or windows a free inspection, we're looking for all sorts of different things.

For this Minneapolis home, Guy noticed some poor workmanship from the original roofing contractor when they installed the roof back in the 1970s. Some of this poor workmanship has lead to leaks and other damages. You can see for yourself how the shingles are cracking and falling off as well as some buckling in the shingles.

Takes a moment and walk around this roof with Guy.

If you're concerned about your roof or think it might be time to have a roofing contractor take a look—give us at call at 952.935.0557. We're committed to serving the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul neighborhoods with professional and honest roofing advice and services.

3 Incredible Home Hacks For Spring Cleaning

3 Incredible Home Hacks For Spring Cleaning

Clean smarter this spring

As a family-run business, we know spending your time with the people who matter most in your life is a top priority. That's why we are always on the hunt for simple ways to make your life a bit easier.

No one likes cleaning, but the task must be done. Check out these brilliant spring-cleaning tricks for your home. All of them are simple and natural. You already have what you need in your house, promise!

You Can Outsmart Winter

Prep Your Home For A Nice and Cozy Winter

A little prep around the home and yard now will save you trouble in a few weeks when the wind and snow are blowing outside. 

Deal with your dryer

If lint is allowed to build up inside your dryer’s ducts, your dryer is one household machine just waiting to burst into flames. Preventing this is all-too easy—as long as we homeowners remember to do it! Now is a good time to clean out the duct to ensure air can move freely through the duct. If your dryer has a flammable vinyl duct, replace it with a safer metal option.

Clean out your gutters

After the trees in your yard have shed the majority of their leaves for the season, now is the ideal time to clean out your home’s gutters and downspouts. Clogged gutters are one of the major causes of ice damns. Taking a few hours now—while the weather is still good—can save you some serious heartache later. If you find your gutters cracking and in need of replacement, give us a call and we’ll head out to your home to give you a free estimate.

Fuel up your snowblower

Remember that dusty snowblower hiding in the back corner of the garage? Well, it’s time to dust that beauty off and get it ready for the first big snowfall. Go to the trouble now of fueling it up so you aren’t caught with a dead snowblower in the middle of this year’s first winter blizzard. 

Have your chimney swept

According to The National Fire Protection Association, they recommend that home chimneys are swept at least once a year—ideally at the beginning of winter—to remove soot and debris. Find yourself a certified chimney sweep in your area on the Chimney Safety Institute of America.

Once you’ve put in a bit of work prepping your home for winter, it’s time to kick your feet up by the fire and relax. Winter’s on its way!