You Can Outsmart Winter

Prep Your Home For A Nice and Cozy Winter

A little prep around the home and yard now will save you trouble in a few weeks when the wind and snow are blowing outside. 

Deal with your dryer

If lint is allowed to build up inside your dryer’s ducts, your dryer is one household machine just waiting to burst into flames. Preventing this is all-too easy—as long as we homeowners remember to do it! Now is a good time to clean out the duct to ensure air can move freely through the duct. If your dryer has a flammable vinyl duct, replace it with a safer metal option.

Clean out your gutters

After the trees in your yard have shed the majority of their leaves for the season, now is the ideal time to clean out your home’s gutters and downspouts. Clogged gutters are one of the major causes of ice damns. Taking a few hours now—while the weather is still good—can save you some serious heartache later. If you find your gutters cracking and in need of replacement, give us a call and we’ll head out to your home to give you a free estimate.

Fuel up your snowblower

Remember that dusty snowblower hiding in the back corner of the garage? Well, it’s time to dust that beauty off and get it ready for the first big snowfall. Go to the trouble now of fueling it up so you aren’t caught with a dead snowblower in the middle of this year’s first winter blizzard. 

Have your chimney swept

According to The National Fire Protection Association, they recommend that home chimneys are swept at least once a year—ideally at the beginning of winter—to remove soot and debris. Find yourself a certified chimney sweep in your area on the Chimney Safety Institute of America.

Once you’ve put in a bit of work prepping your home for winter, it’s time to kick your feet up by the fire and relax. Winter’s on its way!