What To Look For In A Quality Roofing Bid

This past month, we stumbled upon this great article about what should be included in a bid from a roofing contractor. And it got us thinking: if it’s someone’s first time to contact a roofing company about roof repairs, new siding, or installing new windows, how would someone know what to look for in the bids received from different roofing companies? 

You’d Google it, that’s what you’d do. So, we thought we’d share some friendly advice about what to look for in a quality roofing bid.

2 things to keep in mind as you compare roofer's bids

1. Roofing proposal formats can vary

Some Minnesota roofing contractors will send clients a one or two-page handwritten bid. Other roofing contractors will send a more official and professional-looking proposal that lays out the terms and conditions in clear bullet points. Still other roofing companies could send you a letter-like bid. As you compare bids, don’t worry too much about the bid’s format. Instead focus your attention on the quality of the terms laid out in those bids. 

2. Get multiple proposals before you choose your roofing contractor

Be sure you’ve done your research and then, take your time in selecting the roofing contractor you want to work with. We highly encourage you to get several different proposals so you can adequately compare pricing, materials, and terms.

In general, every proposal you receive from a roofing contractor should contain the following elements:

  • Details on the type of flashing, underlayment, shingles, and ventilation that will be installed,
  • Descriptions on the type of products being used,
  • Available workmanship warranties offered for every product being put on your roof, and
  • Contractor’s proof of licensure and worker’s compensation and liability insurance.

2 things your final contract should include

You’ve done your homework. You’ve had multiple roofing contractors out to inspect your job and each of them have given you bids. You’re ready to hire a contractor, sign the deal, and get the job rolling.

Here are two things your contract should absolutely include:

  1. Specific details regarding payment terms. This means, any down payments, progress payments, the final payment, and a line for you about withholding that final payment until the job is done to your liking, and
  2. Details regarding change orders or any add-ons that could carry an extra charge.

If there are additional elements you want added to your roofing contract, don’t be afraid to talk it over with the roofing contractor you’ve selected. For our clients, we are always more than happy to discuss any questions you might have.