Roof Flashing: 2 Places To Check For Possible Leaks

Roof flashings and possible leaks

In this video, Guy is up on the roof to show two different roof flashings that might be the cause of leaks in your home. 

First, we see a plumbing exhaust pipe which runs through this particular house's plumbing and sewer system. There's one noticeable problem with this exhaust pipe: the top has fallen off. Squirrels can be especially pesky culprits for messing with these types of pipes. Guy explains why in the video.

The last flashing Guy highlights is for the furnace and hot water heater. When Guy points it out you will notice the pipe's collar is too big for the unit. The collar around the pipe should be tight and properly cocked or else it can lead to leaks in the basement.

If you continue to find leaks in your home, but can't determine the cause, give us a call at Grussing Roofing. Guy will stop by and have a look around your home and property to see if he can find the cause behind the leaks.