Financing Payment Options Just Got Easier

Hi everyone, Amy here.

As many of you know, Guy is the one who comes out to your home or commercial property and walks around on the roof. But I’m the one here at Grussing Roofing who handles all the financing and payment details. Today I want to share about a great financing program that's available right now. 

What's so great about greensky?

In the past financing took forever and involved loads and loads of paperwork. But now, an Atlanta-based finance tech company, GreenSky has single-handedly modernized the credit and financing process for homeowners. And this has made us finance people all excited!

As of last year, over 13,000 contractors actively used GreenSky for their customers. (Check out what past customers are saying about GreenSky.)

Choose from 3 great financing options

With low monthly payment options and no interest offers, we like GreenSky because they offer the best financing program out there right now. Here are three different plans we offer with GreenSky.

  1. Option 1 — 9.99% fixed APR for eight years—this is the lowest monthly payment option. You can pay it off early with no payment penalties. 
  2. Option 2 — Six months of no interest and no payments —if your balance isn’t paid off by the end of six months then interest accrues from the beginning. Interest rates are determined by your credit score.
  3. Option 3 — 12 months no interest and no payments—terms are same as option two. 

Keep in mind that with GreenSky you don’t have to borrow the full amount—you are only charged for what you want to borrow. The minimum to be approved for financing is $3,500 and the maximum is up to $55,000. Lastly, GreenSky does charge a small activation fee, but this is based on which plan you choose. 

The process once you are approved

Once you are approved, there’s a one-page borrower certificate that you and I will fill out together. GreenSky will send you a private credit card number and you’ll give that information to me. And that's it. Financing can start immediately. 

See? Simple. 

Want to know more? Let's talk. You’ll need our merchant number to get started with the GreenSky financing application. Fill out our contact form and or give us a call directly and we'll help you get started. Looking forward to answering any questions you might have!