3 Ways To Keep Squirrels and Small Rodents Out of Your Home

How to keep your house free of critters

As the season continues to bring cooler weather, outdoor critters think it’s the perfect time to make their way indoors — right into your home. And this is never fun for any homeowner.

If creepy critters are becoming a problem in your home, here are a couple of places to check to see if it’s how these unwanted guests are finding their way inside.

Soffits and the roof

Squirrels, bats, and wasps love to worm their way through small holes and slight gaps in your roof’s soffits — particularly when soffits run parallel to the roofline. Acrylic latex caulk is a great way to detail with small holes and gaps.

Roof vents

Give roof vents and screens a quick check. If any are missing or chewed through, this makes an easy entrance to your attic for neighborhood squirrels and bats.

Chimney caps

Is your fireplace chimney all ready for winter? If you haven’t already, make sure your chimney is outfitted with a chimney cap to keep out birds and rodents.

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