6 Ways To Brace Yourself and Your Home For Winter

The trees and shrubs around the Twin Cities are certainly showing off all their glorious fall color right now, aren’t they? Could the air feel any crisper? Could that warm beverage taste any more satisfying? There truly is something splendid about this time of year. 

While we don’t want to rush a single fall day away, we do want to help you as a homeowner think ahead to what's coming... winter. That’s why this month, we’re already starting to talk about winterizing. Here are six simple ways to brace yourself and your home for winter.  

Prepare your cozy place

Any plans to warm yourself by the fireplace this winter? If you haven’t already, this is the time to get your chimney cleaned and inspected. Consider this your friendly reminder to close the damper and securely seal the fireplace’s opening when it’s not in use.

Where’s the sun?

The sun's rays even in winter can help naturally warm your house. Keep the south-facing windows clean and the curtains wide open during the day to let the sun’s heat in. Do your best to close up the curtains or blinds before when the sun goes down.

Find the drafts

Feel a draft creeping in through the doors? Try a door snake (here's an example from Amazon), a rolled-up towel or caulk at the base of your door to keep the frigid air out and the warm air in.

Winter’s magic number

Avoid thermostat wars within your house and get everyone to agree to keep the temp no higher than 68 during the winter months. If you’re asleep or away, drop it a few degrees. 

Cold toes and hands?

Buy some extra warm slippers and place them in a basket in the main living area. Keep a few fun extra pairs around so guests can help themselves to a pair while visiting.

Best warming teas

Keep the warm beverages flowing. Stoke your pantry with cinnamon and chamomile tea choices since they naturally warming to the body. Hey, we live in Minnesota where every little bit can help!


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