What Every New Homeowner Needs To Know Before Winter

Old man winter is on his way, but do not fear new homeowners! With a bit planning and some quality time, you’ll have your house ready to face the long winter months ahead in no time at all.

5 Fall Jobs Every New Homeowner Needs To Do


1. Exterior water spigots: turn them off

Avoid the catastrophe of a burst pipe by double and triple checking that all outside water sources are firmly turned off. 

2. Pretty outdoor plants: trim, trim, prune

Most trees and shrubs like to be trimmed back during their dormant time—which is right now, during fall. For what bushes and trees need to be trimmed and how you best go about it, we found this pruning guide quite helpful.

3. Your furnace: give it professional attention

If it’s your first winter relying on this furnace, you’ll want to make sure it’s running at full capacity. It’s worth getting a professional to come in and tune it up. What exactly does a professional furnance tune up entail? Here's an excellent guide to give you a glimpse into furnace care.

4.Those gutters: don’t ignore them

Gutters catch a lot of things. Take 20 minutes every few Saturdays to climb up on a ladder and clean them out. If getting up on a ladder is out of the question for you on your home or business, give us a call. Gutter cleaning is one of our favorite fall activites. 

5. Lawn full of leaves: rake early; beat the snow

Rake early and rake often. Then keep an eye on the weather forecast to make sure you get your final pickup in before the snow flies.