Professional Snow Removal: What You Want To Know Before You Hire

It's winter in Minnesota, which means that just about anything can happen in terms of the weather. Temperatures can drop to rival the North Pole, unexpected warm days will tempt us to believe spring is on its way, or we'll be buried in lots and lots of snow. So far we've had a bit of all three, but who knows what the next few months could bring! 

Just in case the snow starts to fly again, here's what you need to know about caring for your roof during the winter months.

How much snow is too much snow for my roof? 

Take a look at the ice build up on your roof. How thick is it getting? When it starts to get over four inches thick, you could start to have problems.

What are signs to watch for that my roof could need professional snow removal? 

Are you dodging large looming icicles? Any leaks inside your home? Is water coming through your soffits? All of these are indications that your roof might need professional snow removal. 

It’s time to call in professional help for roof snow removal. What are things we should look for? 

  • Always make sure the company you hire is license and insured. Never assume—it’s always best to double check.
  • Specific snow removal methods and tools are good, but what’s most important is the company’s experience. Be sure to ask how much experience the roofing company has had with snow removal. You want to be absolutely positive they aren’t going to damage your shingles and cause leaks later on down the road.
  • Your roof does not need to be steamed. Here at Grussing Roofing, Guy and his team don’t use steam. Instead we remove all necessary snow and make channels in the ice for it to melt and safely runoff the roof.

What should we expect to pay for snow removal?

This all depends on how much snow there is. Small jobs usually start at around $100. If there’s excessive amounts of snow, expect to pay closer to $500. A reputable roofing company will always give you a cost bid before they start the work.

Bonus tip! Once the snow is safely cleared off your roof, Guy and his team remove the snow from your sidewalks and driveway. We’re always willing to help out—like clear the entire driveway—just ask us!